(Glasgow brooch)

SI Glasgow Central Club

1927 - 1997


An attempt has been made here to present the history of Glasgow Central Soroptimist Club in the light of the events taking place in Glasgow and elsewhere at the same time.

It is not possible to understand a club's history fully appreciating without the situation of women at the time and what motivated the various donations and services to charities. It seemed fit to record it while there are still members of the Club aged 70 and over who will remember a lot of the Glasgow scene. It is hoped that the background will enliven the history for younger people.

There have been two previous chronicles, one for the first twenty five years, author unknown, and another for the ensuing twenty five years up till 1977 written by the late Alison Downie of our Club. Material from these is incorporated in the text.

Mrs Margaret Cowan has done the Soroptimist research and provided the facts and Figures. Mrs Heather Thomas provided details of salaries and other data. The late Mrs Anne Coley designed the picture on the front cover as a brooch for our 60th anniversary and her husband Mr Richard Coley drew it for us. Dr Lorna Willocks typed and edited the manuscript. Mrs Anne Stephen typed the appendix. Dr Elma Willocks did the historical research and wrote the text.


In the name of the "Antwerp Club",
we wish "Sisterclub Glasgow Central" a happy birthday .
Long live Club Glasgow Central !
President Myriam Van Damme

As birthday gift, Club Antwerpen has introduced the booklet
"Three score years and ten" in Internet.

Table of Contents

The Aims and Objectives of Soroptimism are :

  1. To maintain high ethical standards in business, the professions and other aspects of life
  2. To strive for human rights for all people and, in particular, to advance the status of women
  3. To develop a spirit of friendship and unity among Soroptimists of all countries
  4. To quicken the spirit of service and human understanding
  5. To contribute to international understanding and universal friendship

The Soroptimist Grace

for food for friends for fellowship we thank thee